What is pink paper?

Today we Discuss about

What is pink paper?

When technology is centralized, it usually indicates that it is managed and controlled by a single organization, body of authority, or person. 

On the other hand, decentralized technology is managed by a network of participants that no single Central authority controls.

What we have created is Pinkpaper, which is Decentralized Blogging Platform. Pinkpaper gives full space to Blogger. The main objectives of Pink paper is to improve the delivery of Blogs or Articles to the public and to enhance the quality of Bloggers.

Here comes one of the most heartbreaking problems Faced

You work hard on your posts, you have informative and interesting content

But Some time your Blog Or article should be removed from their site without any prior Notice or valid reasons 

Do you agree with this statement..!

If their content should be published on their platform they have no ownership right of you

In the world today, many want to do Blogging but aren’t given the Right Place or opportunity to do so.

Certainly, in my Opinion

What is our goal?

The goal of Pinkpaper is to provide all Bloggers Web 3.0,World which deals with the decentralized web, meaning if you create a blog the data you will upload will get distributed in pieces, and only you will be able to make an update or remove it from the internet. Now it's turn to Switch the New Mode of Web 3.0. Its Complete Decentralized Platform. 

What are the Features?

The current state of the internet is being used by all of us right now. Decentralized domains operate on a blockchain system, and only you have the ability to add or remove them.

Only the owner of a Blog can remove and add the content.

The majority of the internet is still working on web 2.0 and discussing blogging. For the majority of bloggers, the transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0 is challenging. But Pink Papers Overcome this Challenge and build the first Web3 Decentralized Blogging Platform. Bloggers have the full rights or control of own Blogs 

In Pink Paper you have the right of freedom of speech. I think this is the best feature ever.

Free Censorship

In World today

The Current scenario has Captured the Whole market, businesses like Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. They have the right to remove your content without taking it if it doesn't adhere to their rules.

At that point, you have no options

To Eliminates these Drawbacks that's why me and my Team Developed the Pink paper

Some Examples of Big tech Censorship


On a serious note, I think blockchain technology can provide many more benefits than blogging. There are flaws here in the present, but They can be fixed over time. On same note Pink Paper provides better Options to Bloggers.