Pink paper decentralized blogging platform is what we have developed. 

Pink Paper provides an open platform for content creators to share their ideas and stories. 

The platform is designed to empower creators, allowing them to reach a wider audience and get paid for their work.

Here is a detailed explanation of how the author uses the Pinkpaper platform.

How to write an article on Pink Paper

Click here to write a story πŸ‘‡

  •   πŸ‘‡ Write a story, File the Title you want and write your articles.

  • Check out PinkPaperxyz 's new AI integration feature! That helps your content creation.

  •  Write your article.You can select words to show headings type and other editor menu options.πŸ‘‡ 

  • You can Publish your story any time you want or save as draft.

  • With this feature, you can get money from people through your article.

  •   πŸ‘‡ Click on Main Settings and select an image for the story.
  •       You can pin your story on the homepage or you can unlist it.
  •      Enter Tag separation with , ex:- new keyword,mars

  • πŸ‘‡ Click on SEO Settings and and type meta title or meta description

At the end you can click the publish button to publish your article. After successfully publishing you can see your story on the homepage. Congratulations, your article is Live Now.