Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional blogging platforms? If so, you should consider using the Pink Paper decentralized blogging Platform!!

Pink Paper is a user friendly Platform that is built on blockchain technology, providing a unique and secure blogging experience. Here are the some benefits of Pink paper as your are Blogging Platform

Platform for Creators:- Pink Paper provides an open platform for content creators to share their ideas and stories.

Increase security:- your content is secured with blockchain technology which is protected from hacking and censorship

Freedom of speech:- Pink Paper values freedom of speech and allows users to express themselves freely and openly.

Here is a Detailed explanation of How to log in to Pink Paper with (Neo or Metamask)

1.πŸ‘‡Add Neoline or Metamask Chrome Extension and Create Account.

2.After creating accounts Link up with NeoLine or Metamask account.πŸ‘‡

3.Select the wallet you want to connect with Pinkpaper.

4.Setup your Account, enter Name or Username then confirm

Congratulations you have successfully logged into PinkPaper, now you can publish your articles on the world's first decentralized blogging platform.

5.After successfully Login, create your Profile.πŸ‘‡

6.Update your Profile enter Name, Bio and Upload profile picπŸ‘‡

7.Add Your wallet Address.

8.At last enter your social media AccountsπŸ‘‡

Congratulations, your PinkPaper profile has been successfully created. Now you are able to create and publish your articles