Meme2Earn is a first of its kind meme sharing platform and business-to-business marketing tool where all parties earn! Organic community growth is driven through sponsorship, contests, and the entertainment from using the website. As a business-to-business platform, the Meme2Earn crypto-agnostic and here to support Web 3 as a whole.

On Meme2earn you earn a token called $TIPS formally known as $NUDES.

Imagine a website where you actually make cash while having fun (cool right?).

There are so many things and events that you get to find on the Meme2earn site.


The meme2earn site gives users the opportunity to own various kinds of NFTs.


You can buy and mint them on the Meme2earn NFT page

The Meme2earn Army Hired Gun NFTs are NFTs that meme creators can buy and mint. Any TIPS tokens spent to buy them will be burned.

Holding a Hired Gun NFT gives meme creators access to a channel on the Meme2earn Discord where contests are announced and other important infos.

These NFTs will cost around 2 Billion TIPS ($0.84 USD) which can be adjusted, based on TIPS price.

This NFT cannot be transferred. It remains in the minted wallet.


You can buy and mint them on the Meme2earn NFT page

The Meme2earn OG NFTs cost 1 Trillion TIPS (Currently $420.43USD) each. There are 100 of these NFTs. 80 of them are open for sale now, and 20 are reserved for contests and giveaways (I won one myself). There are so many benefits of owning an OG NFT like;

i. OG's will split 10% of all ad revenues

ii. OG's will receive 20% more when buying credits (Credits allow users to create their own meme contest or run their own ads)

iii. OG's get 50% discounts on minting and commenting on memes.

iv. OG's have a special channel in the discord group where they can discuss important information about contests and other things.

Also, Various meme contests have been held on the Meme2earn site like:

i. Dogerift

In this contest users were asked to create DogeRift memes to earn up to $10,000 in prizes

ii. Ghost Market

In this contest, users were asked to create GhostMarket memes to earn up to 100,000 GM in prizes

iii. Ethereum Merge

In this contest users were asked to create ETH Merge memes to earn over $2,000 in prizes

iii. QRL

In this contest users were asked to create QRL memes to earn up to $5,000 in prizes

(All mentioned contest are on the site)

There's also an ongoing daily contest on the Meme2earn site. (Check it out!!!)

The contest winnings are funded by ongoing sponsorships.

Other events on Meme2earn

Every last Tuesday of the month, There's also a burning event in the discord group. This event allows everyone on the meme2earn platform hangout, chat with the community, ask questions and get it answered. $TIPS are been burnt on that day.

Also Meme2earn was at the Consensus 2023!!!

What is Consensus?

As the world’s largest, longest-running and most influential gathering of the many, differing elements that make up the crypto community, Consensus has always sought to live up to its name. We bring this disparate, freewheeling, innovative community together to confront its differences, grapple with its challenges, and find agreement on how to best seize the opportunities this technology presents.
Since its inception in 2015, Consensus has served as grounds for calibration, collaboration and resolution for thousands of professionals and builders from around the world forging the future of finance and the new digital economy.
Consensus 2023 is a call to action for developers, investors, founders, policymakers, brands and others to come together and find solutions to crypto’s thorniest challenges and finally deliver on the technology’s transformative potential. (source:

The Consensus 2023 conference was held on April 26–28, 2023 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, USA. 

Here is a video clip of different booth at the consensus Meme2earn inclusive


The meme2earn is not only a meme site with cool meme creators, but also has good writers and bloggers.

When it comes to writing and blogging, Pinkpaper is one of the best as it is a decentralized blogging platform, and gives bloggers a reason to use it more often.

Also, it wouldn't be a bad idea for PINKPAPER to host a meme contest on Its going to create awesome awareness and many more benefits.

Just like, Pinkpaper is fully secure and is managed by a network of participants with no single central authority controlling it, Meme2earn also has competent hands handling it and is also fully secured and has generals ready to assist you if one encounters any issue.

Here is a video link on youtube that explains more about Meme2earn

CONCLUSION is a first-of-its-kind meme platform where you can earn TIPS cryptocurrency by browsing through and making memes.

And if you want to buy $TIPS,

Buy TIPS on Flamingo Finance.

Buy TIPS on PancakeSwap.

Buy TIPS on MEXC Global.

To keep in touch with meme2earn and keep up to date on all things memes, join their Discord and Telegram, and connect with them on Twitter and Reddit.