As Africa continues to strive towards technological innovation and development, AfricaN3 has emerged as the continent's first Neo-oriented local community, with a goal to incubate and support projects in the region. In this article, we'll take a closer look at AfricaN3, its mission, and what sets it apart from other technology-oriented communities in the area.

Who is AfricaN3?

AfricaN3 is a community-driven initiative focused on promoting and supporting the adoption of the Neo blockchain in Africa. The community comprises developers, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts who are passionate about bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to the continent.

AfricaN3 was founded by vibrant Neo ecosystem members John Adelakun, Mohammed Rabiu, Deji Sadiq, and Dikaysb (who prefers to remain pseudonymous). The founders are employed in various industries, including the legal, medical, design, and programming fields.

John Adelakun is the (CEO and founder of AfricaN3) with his friend from high school Mohammed Rabiu, Adelakun studied Medical Laboratory Science at the University of Lagos but is currently a full-stack developer who codes in Django, React and node js. He noted in an interview held by Dylan Grabowsky of Neo News today: Working on some Web3 projects sort of exposed me to the endless possibilities that blockchain could help in solving some of my local problems. After lots of research and learning, Neo just seemed like a perfect fit for powering African web3 projects/communities.

Deji Sadiq is a great graphic artist who studied architecture at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, majoring in 3D design and animations. Previously, Sadiq has worked as a 3D artist for TOTHEMOON, and also on other NFT projects in the Solana and Ethereum ecosystems, and in the film industry as a video effects artist.

Mohammed Rabiu studied law at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria, and is a Legal practitioner focusing on securities and capital market law. Provincially, Rabiu has been part of a team collaborating with the Securities and Exchange Commission Nigeria, working on rules regarding the utilization of cryptocurrencies as securities.

What is Neo?

Neo is a blockchain platform that was created in 2014 under the name AntShares. It was rebranded as Neo in 2017 and is often referred to as the Chinese Ethereum. The platform's goal is to provide a scalable and developer-friendly blockchain infrastructure for building decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts.

What sets AfricaN3 apart?

AfricaN3 is not just a community but a comprehensive ecosystem that provides a range of services and resources for blockchain developers and entrepreneurs. Here are some of the unique features of AfricaN3:

  • Neo Incubation Program: AfricaN3 offers a comprehensive incubation program for blockchain startups that includes mentorship, technical support, and funding opportunities.
  • Developer Resources: AfricaN3 aim to provide developers with access to a range of resources, including a developer portal, online courses, and a community forum.
  • Networking Opportunities: AfricaN3 organizes regular meetups and events where members can network with other like-minded individuals and potential investors. AfricaN3 aims to be the NEO footprint in Africa, bringing awareness to the utilities of the NEO ecosystem and how they can be leveraged in solving existing problems. This would be done through some of our community-oriented initiatives lined up as we progress.
  • Partnership Opportunities: AfricaN3 has formed partnerships with other communities and organizations in the Neo space, providing members with additional opportunities for collaboration and exposure.


How AfricaN3 is impacting the African blockchain ecosystem

AfricaN3's mission is to support the adoption of the Neo blockchain in Africa and foster the growth of a thriving blockchain ecosystem on the continent. Here are some of the ways in which AfricaN3 is making a difference:

Incubating innovative projects: AfricaN3's incubation program provides much-needed support to blockchain startups in the region. The program has already incubated several successful projects, including a decentralized ride-sharing platform and a blockchain-based agricultural supply chain solution. Building a strong community: AfricaN3's community-driven approach is helping to build a strong and supportive network of blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in the region.

AfricaN3 conducted its first blood drive in collaboration with Action On Blood and the Nigerian Medical Laboratory Science Students Association at the University Teaching Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria on the 21st of February 2023. More than 60 LIFE NFTs were distributed to individuals who donated blood during the campaign. LIFE NFTs are soulbound tokens, meaning that they cannot be sold or transferred from the wallet that minted them, and grant the owner entry into a raffle with GAS prizes.

There are three different LIFE NFT archetypes: donor, angel, and fan.

  • Donor archetypes NFTs are given to those who donate blood and can only be created by and distributed by the partner organization at the physical blood drive event.
  • Angel archetype NFTs are given to those who mint LIFE NFTs. Both Donor and Angel archetypes are automatically entered into raffles when the wallet receives the NFT.
  • Fan archetype NFTs are limited to individuals that donate cryptocurrency to a blood drive, as well as volunteers on the ground who participate in the blood drive campaign. Fan archetype NFTs cannot be entered into raffles and will be minted after the event has concluded.
  • Each individual blood drive campaign in the AfricaN3 platform is known as an “era” and will coincide with specific blood drive events that will be held in collaboration with local partners.
  • The era raffle campaigns were officially initiated when a pool reaches 100 GAS from NFT mints or from individual donations. However, the 100 GAS figure is variable and can be changed by the AfricaN3 team.

Why AfricaN3 is Important for Africa's Technological Development

AfricaN3 is a significant development for Africa's technological advancement, particularly in the blockchain sector. Here are some of the reasons why AfricaN3 is important for the continent:

Promoting Innovation:

AfricaN3's incubation program and developer resources are essential for promoting innovation in the African blockchain ecosystem. By providing technical support, mentorship, and funding opportunities, AfricaN3 is helping to develop innovative blockchain solutions that can address some of the region's most pressing challenges.

Supporting Entrepreneurship:

AfricaN3's incubation program is providing much-needed support for blockchain startups in Africa. The program helps entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into viable businesses by providing them with access to funding, mentorship, and technical support.

Fostering Collaboration:

AfricaN3's networking opportunities and partnership initiatives are fostering collaboration between blockchain communities and organizations in Africa. These partnerships are providing members with access to additional resources and opportunities for collaboration and exposure.

Driving Economic Development:

Blockchain technology has the potential to drive economic development in Africa by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and promoting transparency. AfricaN3's mission to support the adoption of the Neo blockchain in Africa is contributing to the growth of a thriving blockchain ecosystem that can drive economic development in the region.

What is Pink Paper?

Pink Paper is a decentralized publishing platform that leverages Neo blockchain technology to provide a more transparent, secure, and accessible publishing experience. The platform allows users to publish, share, and monetize their content without the need for intermediaries, such as publishing houses or social media platforms.


Productive Use of Pink Paper and how it can positively affect AfricaN3

The partnership between Pink Paper and AfricaN3 could significantly advance the AfricaN3 ecosystem. By providing a decentralized platform for publishing blockchain-related content, Pink Paper can help to foster collaboration and innovation among developers, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in the African blockchain community.

Pink Paper and AfricaN3 could collaborate on initiatives to increase awareness and education about blockchain technology in the region. This could include hosting events, workshops, and online courses that provide individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to participate in the blockchain industry.

In addition, Pink Paper and AfricaN3 could work together to promote diversity and inclusion in the African blockchain ecosystem. By providing resources and support for underrepresented groups, such as women and minorities, the partnership can help to create a more diverse and inclusive community that can better address the needs and challenges of the region.

To promote their partnership and increase visibility for their platforms, Pink Paper and AfricaN3 could also explore joint marketing and promotional initiatives. This could include creating joint content, hosting webinars, and leveraging social media to reach a wider audience.

Furthermore, the partnership between Pink Paper and AfricaN3 can also help to drive economic development in Africa by providing individuals and organizations with a platform to monetize their content and ideas. Pink Paper's decentralized publishing model allows users to earn revenue directly from their readers, without the need for intermediaries, which can be especially beneficial in regions where traditional publishing and content distribution models may not be accessible or effective.


AfricaN3 is a community-driven initiative that is making a significant impact on the African Neo blockchain ecosystem. Its comprehensive ecosystem of resources and services, including the Neo incubation program, and networking opportunities, is helping to foster innovation and support the growth of blockchain startups in the region. If you're a developer or entrepreneur interested in building on the Neo blockchain in Africa, AfricaN3 is the community for you.