The lowest point (in price, in market capitalization) that a cryptocurrency has been in history.

All Time Low

All-Time-Low can be defined as the lowest price that an asset, security, commodity etc attains after they are listed and the trading begins on an exchange

All-Time-Low which is also known as record low is not time-specific and can be registered every year, month or even a single trading day. 

For example-: The price of the newly launched cryptocurrency coin is supposedly $10, later the price increases to $20 but after sometime it falls to $9. This $9 is the all-time-low price. 

What exactly is “all-time-low”?

An asset, commodity etc could attain the position of ATL multiple times in a year. But, usually when an asset, cryptocurrency etc is introduced into the market (due to investors distrust or not enough information) it usually has an ATL price.

 Apart from this, the all time low price could be because of the new laws. There are various reasons due to which a cryptocurrency or any other asset hits an ATL. 

Many investors keep a close eye on the lows of the assets, cryptocurrency etc, as the record low could lead to high volume selling which leads the price to drop further. The All-Time Low worth can be utilized to show the negligible hypothetical value that a resource might have been sold for.

Most companies and investors consider the all-time-low as the sign which showcases weakness in the system. Since an investor or a company aspires to buy in low and sell in high. But an all-time-low indicates a completely different scenario. 

But with the skills of technical analysis, one can analyse highs and lows, even though it can be a little difficult to predict. But technical analysis can help the investors to identify at least the levels where they can buy or sell. 

निम्नतम बिंदु (मूल्य में, बाजार पूंजीकरण में) जो कि एक क्रिप्टोक्यूरेंसी इतिहास में रहा है।

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