High-stakes risk game — can Dove do it?


Ok, ok, the last thing I heard is “Let's see what’s Dove stored for us today?” Imagining my excitement from there, they could finally see my synchronicities. Father is checking how his favorite soul is doing on Earth regularly. Gives hope and protection for sure. Gives a boost to my confidence, too.

This writing reminded me of that time when Love decides to race with goods. How fast can I go? How fat can I take this whole show? It’s the second day of my popular decision, to be confident in every move. Find a fine balance between not thinking at all and thinking when needed. I made mistake. I need to go back to fix it. I change my mind because that's grate power of storytelling with shamanism. You create a new one connected with the last. What I was writing all about?

Oh yes, I needed my confidence in the spiritual world so badly. Love searching for confidence, finding only innocence and nativity she can’t cope with. Frustration — my biggest is feeling light is inaccessible to me which I knew it’s a lie. Confidence. Storytelling. Combine. Make art.

Christina again, hi, the girl just in spoke inside wanting to get out. I’m so good shaman I saw Christ having sex 2000 years ago. I even teased him about it. As a girl who knows the religious secret, that he did what he did for a woman, I’m a human with better life choices most definitely. At least that could be my legacy if not Nostradamus of New Age and say I prophesied laughter and healing. I’m dreaming that could be my legacy. It would have nice notes in names. His was burning a world long enough. He was thinking I’m trying to use something against him, while I was just happy and excited to be home. He was frustratingly rude and wrong. Yet I needed my confidence, so I practice it with my shamans. Until I put one hard quest upon them. They already knew it’s mission impossible so they did not even try.

“Oh my shamans, can we retrieve one grateful Christian as this shaman is?” — my shamans already had they laughter on this one from obvious reasons, Christians do not teach gratefulness, it teaches how to mistreat yourself sexually, especially if you are a woman. She’ll do anything angels said to her. But that one is my wise plan of gratefulness for one special lady because I knew she will do anything angels put her as a task! Christ, do you know what Queen teaches her angels first when at home? Laura knows. Angels know. Do you know? Are you afraid of your own ignorance? I would be.

Queen teaches shamanism. Angel laughs, then shamans laugh effect in infinite. It’s already been done that day you were a dog. My plan was to make you a Father's dog, there is always room for a Service in Heaven. And Father could finally have the fulfilled family life he wanted. Child, me of course, Mother witch is his wife, and a dog. But, you aren't that lucky I’m hearing. Whatever happens, it’s bad news, but for Christina's same name. Now I’ll listen to El condor pasa knowing what I did with my confidence today. Having no clue, but let’s spread condors wings to find out.

Silence. Silence is good. At least there is no more what did she just do? For those who did not notice, I’m a writer also, whatever I write it happens. Heavenly writer and father's best adviser, Love, finally dared to spread her wings so that fun od Earth can beguin. Let’s hear just a little more about my prophecies.

  1. Love will always have the final laughter- anytime anywhere
  2. Love prophecies herself
  3. Love Armageddon
  4. Amor vincit omnia
  5. Love can rome free!

That’s all for tonight's confidence.


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