Ingenious spirituality —what’s new in the spiritual world?

Endeavoring the power of eavesdropping

I was always a curious girl. Question asker. Good questions can shape a good story. What’s today’s news from the spiritual world? How to find information input and write a good peace on this one? Eavesdropping is my way. As a kid, I find eavesdropping fun. Is there any better way to catch a good story than in silence listening to the River of Life and what it has to say, I enjoyed that as much as I enjoy going barefoot in the store or out with my hair wet. I realized I do not do much, but when I do it, I do it with a purpose and I seed meaning into the whole action.

“That’s powerful.”

What do they think how did I produce synchronicities for my shamans that day when following and tracking my hope in reality? With intention. Running towards seagulls with joy and imagining those are my shamans doing shamanism in places love needed to her case be solved.

See now, the last sentence was just something I channeled. First, thank you for saving that’s powerful my dear angel, that one was nice. Than second was teaching. Doves get to teach shamanism, doves get to teach shamanism! I’m just fascinated with how good a story you can write using Spiri as an ally. It’s still fragmented but we are going there slowly.

“why is that sentence, dove get to teach shamanism, important?” — asks me dona Larua. She is like my shamanistic mum. She watched me grow, she believed in me, she saw me fighting with my darkness. And — well we were one for a one day, while I developed a mastermind visionary plan. I needed a mentor who needed to recognize me. But someone had to teach the mentor too. It was lot to organize but Love has made arrangements there. And Laura believed in my jokes so much that she organized a greater shamanic gathering where I needed to present my joke. All I could say was: Dove gets to teach shamanism. No one laughed, except that one who did not believe me the first time. Why and how? He simply gets caught by his own laughter when this child with love exclaimed Dove gets to teach shamanism. He did not know what joke he was laughing at before, he did not even understand why is he the one who is laughing among other shamans. It’s the one who laughed at Christ playing uncareful with magic, turning himself into a dog, then thinking of trying shamanism like literally chasing the stars that are soon light, soon dark, but what could dog do but a bark?

“What happened then?” I recognize him as Don Antonia, the Soul who listens to the spirit's call when love intervenes. Then I make jokes about the distinction between male and female shamans and based my whole joke interpreter explaining reasons why female healers are better sages. And, I promised him he would see everything he laughed at, and that I’ll be there to tell a story about it. This is me delivering the promise. Ways of love are mysterious, ways of Spirit, too. Now he understands why he had to saw Christ in hospital on Earth really frustrated. He tried to do Christina's way. Still bad news for him there.

See, told ya shamans are stubborn people, but good stubborn. Good shaman knows who he is so that at the end of the day, at the end of the journey can get back to him/herself. That’s Girl in the Blue cape experience through me. And, that’s the first session I gave to my mentor, to don Alberto.

“What’s the joke Alberto did not suppose to know and now he knows?” — continues Laura her win streak. Something exciting is up, I can hear them laugh. “Well, that one is easy. How does the fourth shaman get to be a first?”

That’s the thing when time traveling on Heavens. You can make secrets, except portals. Hidden parts of the truth that complete the picture.

I was there, that’s a simple answer! And I made good arrangements. Antonio gets to teach you, Alberto. Male shamans team. Laura and I were once one. Female shamans team. They laugh together, but at male team usually, because Laura shows up and tell Alberto he is a boy, but it’s actually a warm and nice story, that he knows about. Because he fulfilled his tracking mission on this important girl. I guess It’s the last time Laura will call you boy in now because not recognize me sooner. You know, I play this shamanistic game with them, it’s tracking the luminous part of your nature trough Cosmos, game I call speed of light because that's how fast i’m traveling.

Alberto, there is Antonio now coming to you telling you have been so slow in tracking the girl, even the second time, that her family had to call you to inform you about her. It’s looking bad for a male team of shamans. At least is not the end of the world. The point is Female and Male Shamans are laughing together, but we are always laughing at males.

“How did I deserve to be a first shaman?”

“Simply. Stone people showed you what the Angel of the future, now and before, and an angel of Love can do, and you believed. You told them I was coming. Some believed, some did not. You are. There’s more. You being me, me being your experience and your first one gave me recognition is the shamanic world calling me a good tracker. I was five.”

“How do you deal with frustration?”

“I needed to learn how to cope with it. The most frustrated angel I knew, was Raziel, so I learned from him while I was around. He did not like his job, but now he appreciates it more. But, that’s not the point. His laughter at the end, was my teaching to me somehow.

Why use Google when you have spiritual gifts? I do eavesdropping.