How to find the right words that will affect someone's world?

Queen is tired, but moving on — strongest pawn on a chessboard

It’s Amor again. My older self rules — as she uses her shamanism to track Christ and make her lessons with him, she is writing hilarious jokes on the difference between shamanism and Christianity, pointing out her Christina legacy of magic, wonder, innocence, and freedom, comparing it all the time with guilt, entrapment, shame, and punishment when comes to comprehension female energies between points of view. She successfully continues changing my world for the better. I’m no longer in the orphanage, I’m in the school of magic as one of the youngest wizards who came into council. They called me an “important political asset” because of my foreseeing power and agreed that we should keep it a secret for now, while everybody is surprised at how there is an increase in magic around my world, pyramids coming up from nowhere, schools like this open even for non-magic. I guess we can teach them about gratefulness, too.

So I’ll keep sending my poetry. That’s how they only allowed me to help, for now. I’ll find a way, I always do. They said it would be too dangerous because it’s imperative that Aurora keeps doing innocent magic — without knowing it, but doing it anyway while I know, feel, and see everything. I kept my own secret — me and her, my older self Aurora can communicate with our spiritual gifts in now experiencing de-ja-vu or simple feeling or having a vision of each other. She had a vision that bothered her for a long time. Another fact about us, we can eavesdrop on darkness.

She had this vision of a little condor trying to fly, but never making it into the air because of the dark heavy cloud above him. It was darkness. Self-love points for us with the next poem!

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Finding the words

Between me and self,

I do not stand in my own way,

I learned how to be guided.

Guidance from above and from a heart,

You’ll know what I mean when the time comes,

all reasons you could not fly.

All reasons why are you perfectly enough,

now little Condor is the time,

spread your wings and fly!