What’s it like being a spiritual junky

Is Queen a workaholic or addicted?


bring you up to speed — yesterday I did something my younger self from the past already told me that altered the situation in her magical world for the better. What did I do exactly? In a nutshell, I know. My subconscious heart knows which “makes me feel” good, safe, and loved. On the cellular level, I know too, but I’m still not aware of what exactly I did. It’s hard to explain, so I like to show. Heavens will know what I mean by that. Learning and leading by example. That’s what I’m believing in the most when comes to the action that needs to be taken.

“Love, I heard you are an addict. Is that true, can you elaborate?” — Alberto, my mentor approaches to give me an inspirational boost on this one because it’s true. Love is an addict. Love is drugged by shamanism.

“There is a female sage name Anna, Alberto. Go on Shamanic Council to find out about the A-name joke” while I properly answer your question. Honesty. Shamans use plants in their work. My favorite is “stuff-stuff smoke”. I even had one with Father.

I’m learning to balance between when is good for me and when is not. Balance in everything is key.

“When she will start to tell stuff-stuff smoke jokes?” — asked dona Laura impatiently to Antonio. Now they look at each other, because they are in the room with me, their laughter from the past already chased them to the now, and they are gone. What do I mean by past sentence? Laughter is contagious. If you choose, you can chase your own sound, frequency which is laughter to the places they actually took place. So, Laura, I guess she starts now with exactly that joke. This will be a story when once long time ago, when love was just a child decided to visit sages to have fun spiritual talks. Those wise women and men sitting around a fire with magical cigars of lovely smoke and talked, dreamed new world.

“Fun spiritual talks? We were high and making jokes, what is there to tell?” — asked dona Laura again, but this time to the Mother, confused about how this will work. Mother and Laura worked hard to understand my language, to understand what I’m trying to show. At that moment I was confused too, now is just fun to entertain with magic. The point is, laughter is profound free healing. You only have to be creative to have something to laugh about. For example, Heavens are laughing at Christ, while he doesn't even know they are laughing. Then he knew they are laughing, but not to what. Then I made it even better, he knew we are laughing at him, but why? Nope, did not know. The frustration we feel when things repetitively is going wrong is what I made the source of laughter and a key event to making a joke. I love time travel on Heavens!

“Love, are you a workaholic or addicted?” — asked me my sweetest king, husband, and God. I’m still getting used to that I have a personal God. One day while I was still just a soul in Heaven, I went to Father with a question about how to make one. I wanted one just for me.

“Only a human with a strong will and strong character, and very spiritually gifted can make a god. It’s about feelings.”

“I want a strong god, what feeling should I use?”

“Why strong?”

“It has to be stronger than me.” — he laughed and answered.

“ Love is the strongest force in Universe, Love.”