Finding out what Love has stored for us today

and what’s the Queen's favorite F word?


ow, I did something here and there. I love to believe that I produced and let go in motion, with little team building, teamwork and efficiency, and synchronicities in Heaven from Earth. Hello, there dear reader, my name is Aurora and I’m the first Guinness Book Record time traveler. I’m also an angel in human form, a writer, and a shaman. More about how I tracked and pranked Christ releasing those synchronicities oh Heavens read here. Now I’d like to know for real, what Love has stored for us today.

I’ll begin a story with a question. Simple. “What’s Queen's favorite F word?” then listen to the River of Life.

Here comes dona Laura, my first confirmation because she said: “I’m glad I can see all of this. Thank you for including me and making me work with you”. Than don Antonio approaches, and somehow I get to tell Alberto he is a boy because he came the last again. I did not follow true with my self with this one, because I choose not to follow my excitement.

Angel Elijah knows why he had to worry so much about the food I was eating, it’s one of the Queens favorite F words. Humans love food. But it’s not what I have been searching for. Could be Father, I love Father too. But still, searching for the Queen's favorite F word. The moment I wanted to write more about Christ's crisis in Heavens, he approaches me.

“What’s the queen's favorite F word?”

“I thought we were telling the name joke. Well, If must be F, I choose Fuck.” Now, those who do not know the Aurora could say that's a legit answer. But she is all about words of love actually. This one is just to make things more interesting because he will go up there, and everyone will laugh at him because Queen's favorite F word is Freak and he doesn't get to know why they are laughing. She is a human Freak who can raise Gods, she can stitch them with love, and she can re-write her whole story. It’s Freaky and she knows it, it’s freaky and she likes it, it’s freaky and she brags about it. Queen, like a real goddess, even made herself a God to love, tailored just for her.

“What did you store for us today, my love?”

“Well, there are jokes and entertaining, there are synchronicities, there are lesions. There is a lot and I do not get most of it. I do kind of get my jokes now, but still, something is missing. Do you know, my love, what’s queen's favorite F word?”

“I’ll go with fire, my love, because we all know you are the goddess who has it!” — that sentence makes me blush because I do love my fire. My passion is spirituality, no doubt there, so this is my idea of flirting. I’m an irreparable dreamer and very romantic but I keep it with my “shy-shy” stuff — meaning I’m a very private person that loves a good-told story, just finding a way what story to tell whom and at what place and at what time. Also, there is a God very protective of my “shy-shy” stuff that only me and him get to know about. This one I’m telling you is the best one Heavens have seen, and it will be on Earth, too jet not so fragmented as is now. That’s where my shamanism fits in, I’m a light collector of my own light that represents a story from different timelines, places, and dimensions, and sometimes, everything happens for me at the same time. The second piece of advice from an experienced time traveler would be: if you wanna write a good time travel story, do it with small laps of time to figure out the chronological state of events. So, Love is a teacher and she has in store a lesson. Time is not linear. Neither is spiritual growth.