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Polygon system updates

  1. Recently, Coca-Cola has announced plans to release a Pride series NFT collection to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community on the polygon network.
  2. Share, a Web3 writing platform, proudly announced its collaboration with polygon studios. They said because of Polygon’s ecosystem and Blockchain infrastructure they will be able to offer the best experience to their users.
  3. The coinbase exchange now supports deposits and withdrawals on the Polygon mainnet.
  4. Bulgari has teamed up with Polygon Studios to launch a collection of digital jewelry on Polygon.
  5. 0xpolygonDAO introduces WAGMI Job Drops, a virtual job fair series that bridges the gap between dApps and talent. An initiative was done by PolygonVillagecollaboration with Devfolio.

Shardeum system update

  1. Shardeum published their first Dapp ShardeumSwap’s Journey and Official Logo on medium. Click here to read more.
  2. Shardeum distributed oxNfts to contributors and community builders as a reward for contributing with them for building and testing a powerful defi DApp that will serve millions of users worldwide.
  3. last week, they distributed their first shardeum liberty 1.0 Shardeum News Token (SNT).
  4. Shardeum released Bandit, an INO platform. Its Phase 1 just went live and aggregated NFT projects from all around the world.
  5. The Arbitrum Layer 2 solution became more expensive to use than usual. The higher-than-expected fees resulted from temporary congestion on Arbitrum.

Ethereum system update

4. In their ecosystem Devcon ticket auction & raffle on Arbitrum, minimum bid 0.25 ETH, refundable minus 2% Sybil resistance fee.Polkadot system updates

  1. Polkadot announced the first-ever PolkaOscars ceremony in Polygon decoded NYC, rewarding the achievements of ambassadors and community members who go above and beyond to build growth and engagement in the Polkadot and Kusama network ecosystems.
  2. PolkadotDecoded NYC stage opens with the panel on Polkadot’s interoperable DeFi ecosystem featuring speakers from Current, Prime Protocol, StellaSwap, and MoonbeamNetwork.
  3. The Polkadot ecosystem will soon have a para chain dedicated to decentralized social media named “Frequency”, which will be the first implementation of The Decentralized Social Network Protocol.
  4. KYVE entered the Polkadot ecosystem this month. Launched integrations with both Polkadot and Kusama. This is a significant step for their team.

Klaytn system updates

  1. Klaytn merges the best features of public and private blockchains in an accessible development environment. Klaytn offers a week-long 20% discount on all $KLAY swaps in NOW Wallet & ChangeNOW Mobile.
  2. Klaytn projects are now supported by SnapshotLabs 🙌 Secure decentralized decision-making, Off-chain signing techniques that leverage IPFS & offer Fee-less voting. The guide on how to get your Klaytn project up and running on Snapshot is below:
  3. Multichain a cross-chain router protocol X klaytn➡️ Integration is on the way.🤟This collaboration will enable assets and communication to be freely transferred across klaytn and multiple chains, opening up new DeFi possibilities.