Hello Devs,

Look at this newsletter to know all the latest technical updates that were happening in the blockchain industry last week.

Ethereum ecosystem updates

PoW switch off (the Merge)

Proof of Stake consensus layer

  • PoS implementers call video. Notes from Christine Kim:
  • Kiln testnet will be shut down next week
  • Proposal to take a break from core dev & CL calls for ~4 weeks around Devcon
  • Lighthouse strict-fee-recipient flag prevents block production, remove flag & restart
  • Nimbus v22.9.0: fix for pre-TTD block production after restart, improved compatibility with Besu, Prysm & slow block builders and faster block processing on Raspberry Pi

Stuff for developers

Polkadot ecosystem updates.

  1. Polygon is Introducing Unbounded, the first open-source, freely available, and on-chain funded font in the world. Unbounded by both name and nature, it is available in six display weights ranging from light to black, as well as a single variable font.

2. Polkadot Congratulated to AventusNetwork on winning Polkadot’s 26th para chain auction. Aventus is building an enterprise-grade blockchain on Polkadot to make building in the Polkadot ecosystem and beyond accessible for businesses and decentralized platforms.

Tezos ecosystem updates.

  1. Tezos is organizing a workshop for beginner or intermediate smart contract developers to level up their Web3 development skills. Developers can join ligoLang by Marigold and Tezos Israel by Using Tickets in the Ligo Developer Training.
  2. Tezos is thrilled to partner with YGGIndia, India’s biggest gaming guild that provides gamers with an opportunity to earn an income while playing video games daily, completely free of cost.

3. Tezos has been making strides to improve scalability. With the latest protocol upgrade locked in, they’ve been introduced to another rollup-centric optimization and several other features.

  • Smart Contract Optimistic Rollups (SCORUs)
  • Improved randomness for distribution of baking rights
  • Event-logging, enabling off-chain systems to react to smart contract execution
  • Validation pipelining: (ongoing block validation tweaks to improve Tezos Layer 1 throughput)
  • Support for ‘Ghostnet’, a permanent testnet that upgrades with Mainnet

Polygon ecosystem updates.

1. Polygon team is delighted to announce that the XR media company New Canvas has chosen polygon as its platform to launch an upcoming NFT and Social token drop for its Lustration project, an award-winning animated VR series that takes place in the fictional afterworld.

2. Cruzocards The first NFT Greeting Cards & Crypto Gifts multi-chain WEB3 Marketplace is happy to announce an official collaboration with the polygon. Together with their new partners, Cruzo aims to grow the ecosystem and make it a truly enjoyable NFT web3 greetings platform.

3. Polygon is proud to announce that Homagames is joining the Polygon ecosystem. A leading mobile game publisher, with more than 80 games live, they are now building the Homa Funfair on Polygon and they are very excited to have them onboard.

4. Spume the Largest holder-owned tokenization protocol has announced that spume is building on 0xPolygon, Polygon is an excellent solution to streamline our off-chain dApps, specifically the Events dApp, where our users are in a hurry.