Human Creativity is completely different from what we get from AI. Creativity involves imagination as well as knowledge. However, AI totally depends on the data it has. Creativity relies on the ability to imagine possibilities and then bring those ideas of life through innovative processes. It means expressing oneself, thoughts, emotions or ideas in ways that others might find original and insightful. It involves exploring multiple options and solutions to a problem rather than adhering strictly to conventional or linear thought process. Therefore, Creativity remains essential even in the era of Artificial Intelligence.

AI just helps in analyzing the existing data and performing predefined tasks but human creativity brings up the new ideas and push the existing boundaries. Creative Thinking leads to innovations, enabling the development of new AI applications and solutions. Creativity allows individuals to bring unique perspectives, intuition and emotional understanding into decision making processes where AI might just overlook everything and totally relies on the existing data and algorithms. Therefore, even in the times of AI, Creativity is essential to keep uniqueness and to extend our boundaries. If we keep relying on AI it will just give us the solution that has already been used over thousands of times and will not try to make it best solution. Whilst Creativity will extend the mind of humans to thinks and find the best solution possible.