Greetings Gamers!

I´m proud to present the very first public version of our new game "World Of Elements" (WoE) to you. Woe is a Play-2-Earn 2D Role-Playing-Game and an hommage/humoristic tribute to legendary old games, such as Final Fantasy or Secret of Mana. Play a hero and try to save the world!

Currently it´s free to play - with no registration. Just download, unzip, and double click the woe.exe to start your adventure!

Download Links (Windows Version):


  • 10 codes are hidden in the game
  • You found a code? Post it in our Telegram channel + a Neo wallet address
  • Be the first user to post to get 1 NEO with each code

Feedback, Suggestions, Bugs?

Future of WoE:

  • Only 2% of the game is finished (still fun for hours)
  • Full crypto integration next (for true P2E experience)
  • Game might become a browser game, so anyone can play it
  • Multiplayer?!
  • Paid Version (always free to play for $frank NFT holders)

Our FrankCoin community kindly welcomes all newcomers. We have weekly events (games, quiz) where you can earn different crypto ($GAS, $frank,...).

Screenshot of hidden NEO codes: