Greetings to all NFT* lovers and those of you, who might become one in the future. In this story I´d like to introduce you to my favourite NFT marketplace "GhostMarket". A lot of NFT collectors are sticking to the more famous marketplaces like "Blur" or "Opensea". You can also see that on my quick poll on reddit. However, it´s like in real life: either you drive a Volkswagen or you choose a Mercedes. As for me, I´m choosing the Mercedes, which means GhostMarket instead of Opensea. But what´s special about GhostMarket? And what are the advantages and disadvantages? Let me show you. Maybe your next NFT will come from GhostMarket too.

*NFT means Non-Fungible-Token. If you are not familiar with the term, you should check the explanation on forbes. In short: NFTs are mostly unique digital pictures, which you can create, trade, or simply own.

Table of contents:

* What is GhostMarket?

* Advantages and Disadvantages

* GhostMarket and the Neo Blockchain

* GhostMarket and Pink Paper

* Conclusion

What is GhostMarket?

I know, I know... You want to read more facts about it, right? Well, here you go:

GhostMarket was founded in 2020 by a team led by Vincent Geneste. It describes itself as a high-performance, cross-chain global marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This means that on GM, unlike almost every other NFT marketplace, you can buy/sell/create your NFTs on more than one blockchain.

It offers a comprehensive set of features packed into a beautiful and intuitive user interface. GhostMarket offers fully trusted NFT trading facilitated by smart contracts of the integrated blockchains. One of the most unique and innovative features on GM is the self-minting platform. This makes creating NFTs a breeze and allows artists and developers to set royalty percentages, attributes, blocked content, and more. A key feature of GhostMarket is the wide range of outstanding artists, talented musicians and experienced game developers who create digital masterpieces on the marketplace.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Now let´s take a look at the main part of this story: The advantages and (possibly) disadvantages of GM. First let us start with the advantages (and there are a lot!).

Advantages of the platform:

* The aforementioned NFT crafting feature and the aforementioned outstanding artists, game developers and other people who create their digital masterpieces on GhostMarket

* Many supported blockchains - BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Neo N3, Phantasma, Polygon, Avalance, Ethereum (more will be added soon)

* 14 supported languages - English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, ...

* A proprietary cross-chain governance token (GM) that powers the platform and exists on all of the blockchains integrated on GhostMarket. It can be used, for example, to buy and sell NFTs. In addition, more applications are planned to be introduced: voting rights, access to exclusive drops, reduction in trading fees and more! Thanks to its own token bridge, the token can be transferred from one blockchain to another at will.

* Rewards - GhostMarket is currently running a reward program whereby buying and selling NFTs will give you back a certain percentage of your GM sales at the end of each week. A reward for using the platform.

* GhostMarket supports a huge amount of wallets to use the platform with. An exact list can be found in the FAQ section ->

* Own profile - Users can create their own profile, which can also be "verified". This allows other users to see immediately whether someone is an artist or represents a trustworthy person. Furthermore, the profile offers numerous settings and features. For example, the user can be notified of purchases/sales/bids via email. He can also enter his own name, banner and other information.

* Possibility to buy crypto directly -

* GFUND - GFUND is a way of earning money from the success of the platform. Every purchase or sale incurs minimal platform fees. 20% of these flow into the GFUND. In addition, it works as a so-called single staking, which eliminates the IL (Impermanent Loss).

* Flamingo integration - This allows the user to pay with other coins/tokens or have them converted directly into another cryptocurrency on GhostMarket. The seller wants GAS for his NFT, but you only have FLM yourself? No problem!

* More DeFi integration - Thanks to Uniswap, Quickswap and other DeFi, you can pay with any supported token

* Other features such as: favourites, sweeping the floor, Single-Offer or Collection-Offer on NFTs, immediate sale, bug bounty program, ...

Got dizzy? I feel for you. And I haven't even told you about the amazing and very helpful team working to improve the platform even more. Anyway, even the best marketplace should have some disadvantages. Here we go:

Disadvantages of the platform:

* Currently not the largest user base on it

* Many features still to come - for example the full indexing for EVM chains

* As NFT marketplace, it completely depends on the future of NFTs

* Currently not every blockchain supported

As you can see, there are only few disadvantages in contrast to the huge amount of advantages. Moreover, some of the disadvantages are soon invalid. The developers are working hard on a full indexing for EVM chains and with that, you won´t need another marketplace anymore. This functionality will arrive in 2 steps:

1) Full indexing means all NFTs are visible on GM and can be listed/sold using GM´s smart contracts.

2) Aggregation of orderbooks from other major marketplaces. This will allow buying NFTs listed on other market-places. They are working on 1 and 2 atm but 1 will arrive first, and 2 - shortly after step 1.

GhostMarket and the Neo Blockchain

GhostMarket is the most used NFT marketplace for the Neo blockchain. You can trade a variety of Neo assets for different projects such as: DogeRift, ToTheMoon, Blockchain Cuties and Neoverse. Want to know more about Neo and it´s projects? Take a look at my other story on Pinkpaper.

Right now, Neo is ranked 60th on CoinMarketCap, but it could get a huge boost again with the opening in Hong Kong/China. And you know what that could mean for the most used Neo NFT marketplace, right? However, let's focus on the here and now. As I said before, there are a variety of Neo assets on GM. And that is leading us to:

GhostMarket and Pink Paper

I guess I don´t have to say much about Pink Paper. As you know, it´s the Golden Standard for decentralized content publishing. This means your content is available until you decide to delete it. Nobody else owns the content and nobody can censor it.

But do you know about the Pink Panda NFTs?

According to Pink Paper, a Pink Panda "is an NFT that showcases a user's commitment to the project. The NFT will be used to access & participate in specific DAO Communities of the Pink Paper. (Please Note: If the new contract requires the creation of a new NFT in the future, these NFTs can be used to swap for the newer ones on a 1:1 basis)."

In the future these Pink Panda NFTs (currently traded for ~20$) will play an important role in the Pink Paper ecosystem. You can either buy them on GM or take part in special events to get one. Follow Pink Paper on Twitter to be the first to hear about new events.


GhostMarket is a one of kind NFT marketplace. It has everything you know from other marketplaces and more. I mean, just being able to earn from platform fees (GFUND) or additional through buying and selling (Reward Program) should be a blessing for NFT lovers.

What else is there to say? If you want to get hold of a few (NFT) gems, maybe even before the next bull run, you should pay a visit to the "Mercedes" among the NFT markets. This way you can see for yourself why GhostMarket really is the best NFT marketplace.

Thanks for reading. And always remember: don´t be a bored ape, think outside the box.