Greetings FrankCoin Community!

First of all I want to say a big thank you. Thank you for your activity, for your comments on Telegram and Twitter and just for being with me/us the whole time. I know a crypto bear market is not easy. However, you are believing in the most frank memecoin in the world, which is why there are very few sales of $frank. Also we have a lot of members taking part in our weekly events, such as our Telegram game.

Now to the main dish: I´m proud to present the very first version of our new FrankCoin game - Elements (name can still change)

What´s Elements?

Elements is a 2D Play-2-Earn RPG game, which could remind you of the old final fantasy games.

Currently testers can find Neo Private Keys and send crypto from these wallets to their own wallets. In a later version I am aiming for a complete crypto integration.

Every owner of a FrankCoin NFT can get an invite to the official Alpha Test Channel with the download link. Furthermore, all Alpha-Testers can not only earn by playing the game but also for reporting bugs / sending feedback and suggestions etc.

Currently available for:

* Windows/Desktop PC and

* Mobile (Android)

I still have a lot of work to do. The current version (about 30-45 minutes) is just about 1% of the planned game. That´s why other events are coming short. We still have our events on Wednesday and Friday of course, but you shouldn´t count on more :). It all depends on the crypto market and my time.

Want to play the game too? Visit the casino? Earn some crypto? Or just want to have fun?

You can still get your hand on FrankCoin NFTs on for example here:

At some point in the future it´s going to cost real $$$, but will always be free for NFT owners.

Thanks again for staying with FrankCoin. And never forget: be frank, trust Frank.

Want to know more about FrankCoin?

FrankCoin is the most honest/frank cryptocurrency in the crypto world. If Frank should ever become a multimillionaire, he´s going to buy back every single $frank for 1€.