Cricket is known as a gentleman's game, and sportsmanship is an important part of the sport. Players are expected to show respect for their opponents, the umpires, and the game itself.

Cricket is a sport renowned for its technicalities. The skills to master the game differ with every aspect of the sport, whether it be batting, bowling, wicket-keeping, or even fielding. It takes years of practice and commitment to master these skills.

However, a few aspects of the game are outside the ambit of the coaching manual. They sure can be taught and reminded, but to showcase them in a professional outing is a rare scenario. One such aspect of the game of cricket is sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship isn't a law or a rule mentioned under the MCC's guidelines. It depends, and changes from person to person. Sportsmanship relates to values that are inculcated in a cricketer since their formative years.

Sportsmanship is important in cricket because it helps to create a positive atmosphere for the game. It also helps to build respect between players and teams, which can lead to better games.

There have been many examples of sportsmanship in cricket over the years.

India’s Captain Kohli Saves England’s Root Cramp

Indian cricket captain, Virat Kohli stepped up and helped English cricket captain Joe Root as he writhed in pain on the ground, today. He suffered cramp. Kohli stepped in to help stop the cramp before it damaged any muscles.

Ajinkya Rahane vs Afghanistan (2018 One-off Test)

In the one-off Test against Afghanistan in Bengaluru in 2018, stand-in-captain Ajinkya Rahane displayed true character and a spell-binding gesture.

After a comprehensive innings and 262-run win within two days, the Indian skipper invited the entire Afghanistan team during the trophy felicitation ceremony.

Cricket world praises Nepal's sportsmanship

McBride attempted to steal a single, but accidentally tripped over bowler Kamal Singh when making the dash. Singh was able to stay on his feet and field the ball, before tossing it slowly towards Sheikh. The wicketkeeper received the ball as McBride slowed down in his stride knowing he wasn't going to make it to the crease in time. However, Sheikh backed away and tossed the ball to the fielder in a show of good sportsmanship. McBride appeared shocked and thanked both Singh and Sheikh for showing compassion.

Kane Williamson vs England (2019 World Cup)

New Zealand lost the final of the World Cup on a boundary-count rule in the super over at Lord's. It marked their second consecutive defeat in a World Cup final. However, captain Williamson handled the disappointment with dignity. He represented a bunch of cricketers that had played the tournament hard but fair. The Kiwi captain's gesture towards a disappointed Carlos Braithwaite after a five-wicket win was praised by one and all. New Zealand's on-field behaviour after Ben Stokes, with his bat, diverted a throw towards the boundary in the final, was worthy of praise.

India not only win the match against Pakistan but also won hearts after seeing Yuzvendra Chahal's sportsmanship

Usman was seen struggling on the field as one of his shoelace was open. As he had been wearing gloves, he was finding it a bit irritating that he was not comfortable due to the untied shoelace. Chahal, however, noticed this and showing his sportsman spirit went on to tie Usman's shoelace.The moment had every Indian as well as Pakistani fan cheering for Chahal as the fans felt proud on his sportsmanship.

Some other heart wining moments :

One famous example is when Australian cricketer Steve Smith walked off the field after being given out by the umpire, even though he thought he was not out. This showed great sportsmanship and respect for the umpire.

Another example of sportsmanship is when England cricketer Kevin Pietersen refused to appeal for a catch that he knew was not out. This showed great sportsmanship and respect for his opponent.

Cricket holds sportsmanship in high regard, emphasizing the values of respect, fair play, and the spirit of the game. These principles contribute to the rich tradition and ethos of cricket as a sport.