Ai is the latest technology that people depend on and it lessens human efforts. Just like after the industrial revolution humans were slowly replaced with machines and with the upgrade of machines human labour were cut off by half in a similar fashion Ai is replacing human works although Ai is helpful but it's technology is still under a lot of testing and inaccuracies is a common thing. 

There are few things Ai I cannot be used in:

Emotional support humans has

Ai although is fast and mostly reliable but still it cannot by any means posses emotions, feelings and all those characteristics that a human generally possesses. The decision of Ai is emotionless and robotic, usually Ai generated content sometimes inaccurate, contains errors and needs to be improvised.

Innovative and creativity humans possess

Humans use its abilities to create or alter the existing content with innovation and creativity and Ai cannot do the same as such abilities are only human based. The ideas and innovations keeps on coming into a human mind and it maybe practically implemented in real life scenarios. 



Humans aren't error free but those errors can be fixed and it may not be repeated again in the future. Humans tend to make mistakes but with improving expertise humans tend to lessened errors. Humans have the ability to criticise each other for their perspective and healthy discussion may lead to better understandings. 

Ai generated things is non human 

Humans use emotions and the environment around them to influence their perspective and ideas. Human perspective is based on ethnicity, religion, educational Qualification. 

Ai works on system that works on algorithm 

Ai generated content is usually based on internet findings and it may be sometimes misleading. Although humans have the ability to detect mistakes, facts and correct it with the use of experts' opinions. 

Essentiality of creativity

Humans must develop skills, improve perspective and keep the process of learning continuously. The modern technology we witness today that includes Ai is from the creative human mind and it shall keep on influencing the future as well. Therefore it is essential for humans to keep going with new ideas, innovation and critical thinking.